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Thai Traditional Massage

Traditional Thai massage has been developed over thousands of years. The Thai medicine system also includes advice about herbs, nutrition and physical exercise. Rather than just treating the symptoms like most western medicine, the focus is on maintaining health and keeping the body in a state of harmony and balance. Regular massage is part of this.

Thai massage has its roots in ancient Thai medicine, and its founder, Shivago Komarpaj, was said to have been a friend to the Buddha. Giving you an authentic Thai massage is our signature passion, and one that we’re very proud of. Thai massage is an incredibly relaxing form of massage complete with deep stretches and some energy work.

Relieve your stress

You’ll be asked to lie down, clothed on one of our specially designed Thai massage beds and relax. The therapist will start massaging you with their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet, knees and sometimes even their shins, using special techniques which are designed to give your body a really deep stretch.

Serene Thai massage is designed to unblock the energy flow within your body which enables you to be relieved of stress. In Thai massage, the energy channels that course through your body are called ‘Sen’ but they follow the same routes as the Chinese Meridians which you might recognize from acupressure. As the massage progresses, each of these Sen Channels will be pressed and massaged while your arms, legs and body are moved into different positions. Once the pressing part of the massage is complete, the stretching will start. The therapist will start off with gentle and subtle stretches and then progress to the famous long stretches.

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