Thai Serene Massage promotional offer is here!

​An expert-handled sections of Thai massage helps you to relax while your body gets series of effective body stretches.

Our friendly and skillful specialists are always ready to take you through moments of superb serene Thai massage which is the best option for preventing and remedying all kinds of back ailment.

Our Thai massage is specially designed to enhance the flow and circulation of energy within your body and helps you get instantly relieved of all body stress.

We have a strong commitment to always provide all our clients with a medicine system, nutrition, physical exercise and regular massage specifically for maintaining and improving health.

Being passionate about helping people to reduce muscle tension and spasms, mobilise their joints, improve blood circulation, balance and increase energy, treat all sort of body pains and achieving an overall improvement of the health of the body, we have designed a promotional offer for the benefits of all of our customers this month of November.

We offer all customers a whooping price slash in the charges for our massage sections on every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in November. Our Thai massage would go for just £50 on the stated days.

This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy released nerve tension, free energy flow and release emotional tension and a high sense of well being and optimum relaxation.

Book early and don’t miss out. For bookings, ring the telephone number 07496809290