Thai Massage promotional offers

How Thai massage can benefit you

A good Thai massage makes you feel great while your body gets a series of effective body stretches. In addition, our Thai massage is specially designed to enhance the flow and circulation of energy within your body, helping you instantly relax and feel less stressed.

Our friendly and skilful specialists will help you with:

  • reducing muscle tension and spasms
  • mobilising your joints
  • improving blood circulation
  • increasing your energy
  • improving your balance
  • treating all sorts of body pain
  • achieving an overall improvement of the health of the body.

We also have a strong commitment to always provide all our clients with nutritional and physical exercise advice and regular massage specifically designed to maintain and improve health.

Current special offers

During the year, we run a number of promotional offers, so that everyone can have the chance to experience a great Thai Massage.

Couple’s Massage  

If you fancy experiencing a pampering session with someone special, then take advantage of this special offer. Just £110 a couple. Available every Thursday.

Students offer

If you want to relax after all that hard studying, book a massage Tuesday-Thursday and you’ll get 10% off with a valid student card.

Book an appointment 

This is a great opportunity for you to relax, release emotional tension and feel a wonderful sense of wellbeing.  Book early and don’t miss out!

To book either call 07496 809290 or complete the booking form opposite