Massage Oil and Oil Blends

Why choosing the right massage oil is so important

Does the quality of the massage oil you use matter, as long as it feels good and smells nice?  Only if you care about your health and the health of the person being massaged. Just like everything, massage oils vary in quality. Some can leave your skin feeling greasy, while others can leave an unpleasant smell. This definitely isn’t ideal if you are expecting a soothing massage experience!

It’s why we only use 100% natural plant-based oils blended with essential oils. This is the best we can possibly offer our clients and ensures that we always provide the ultimate relaxing and soothing experience.

Keeping our massage oils in the best condition possible 

All our oil blends are kept at the optimum temperature because we know what we are doing and understand that many massage oils are unstable even at warm room temperatures. In fact, over time many may become toxic if they are not kept refrigerated.  It’s why we will only ever use highly stable oils as it’s important for us always to ensure our clients’ wellbeing. 

How we use massage oil blends 

Using only the best ingredients we take essential oils and mix them with lemongrass, sandalwood and ginger to create a blend just right for you. And if you would like a specific aromatherapy massage, please just ask. We can help you relax, feel calmer, feel more energised or even fight a cold or congestion. Find out more about our aromatherapy massages