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Exercise Care

Although it is generally safe and pretty harmless, as massage which uses massage oil, can prove to be risky if you suffer from any of the following conditions. 

Heart disease – people with heart disease and cardiovascular problems should avoid oil massages as they are high in fats.

Kidney failure – people on dialysis should not have an oil massage.

Cancer – If you are suffering from cancer, don’t choose an massage with oil, as it may damage the fragile tissues around the cancerous tissue.

Bleeding disorders – many oils have anticoagulant properties. People who are at risk of abnormal bleeding due to a disorder should strictly avoid any massages with oil, unless the oil doesn’t have any anti-coagulant properties.

If you suffer from an underlying health condition or have any concerns about whether an oil massage, or any of our massage treatments would be safe for you, please get in touch. We have years of experience of advising our clients on the most suitable treatment options, so are happy to help you out.