Recreation is about to happen, indulge and treat yourself with a mind-unwinding treatment in the heart of London at The Thai Serene Massage. Our forte Thai massage and uplifting range of massage and beauty treatments is assured to leave you feeling stress-free and revitalized. Our stress-relieving treatments are appropriate for all and sundry. With therapists trained to excellence, you’re definite to receive a genuine Thai practice here – or you can opt for one of our range of holistic therapies and massage. We are certain that each treatment will leave you feeling wonderful.


In our contemporary, welcoming setting you can take your time, unwind and indulge yourself with a choice of therapies. With spacious treatment rooms, each boasting an authentic handmade Thai massage bed and luxurious decor, you’re sure to find us the perfect retreat. Our massages are offered alongside shower facilities and a comfortable waiting area where you can enjoy a complimentary beverage.

Our friendly, professional therapists are on hand to make sure that your experience is as relaxing as possible. Feel your stress melt away and enjoy the experience of real Thai hospitality.

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  • Nikos
  • I had a wonderful experience in this place! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good, relaxing and effective massage.
  • great massage in an amazing environment from a very friendly and professional masseuse
  • Friendly staff. Great value for money
  • Will book again soon
  • Great deep tissue massage by a very skilled Thai masseuse.
  • Heba Elsebaey
    Amazing as usual. Jade is amazing at what she does, professional and very friendly. Highly recommended!
    Heba Elsebaey
  • Ana Hidalgo
    Great experience and an excellent massage - came out completely relaxed and as if my posture was finally back!
    Ana Hidalgo
  • Carole Gerro Round
    This was a fabulous massage. I feel like a new person!! I will defiantly be coming back and would recommend to anyone!
    Carole Gerro Round
  • Anonymous
    Amazing! Really professional and thorough massage targeting all problem areas - thank you!
  • Yasmin Nagi
    One of the best massages I've had in a long time. Will 100% be going back. great value for money as well
    Yasmin Nagi
  • Maxine DeVere
    I live in many countries and I must say that this massage was first class and the best I received in a long time. I felt relaxed with the therapist and the room was very sweet and clean. I was put at ease by the professionalism of the therapist. I truly would highly recommend this new Thai Massage premises.
    Maxine DeVere
  • Esther Clarke
    Amazing! Definitely recommend. Very polite and welcoming. Overall feeling great :)
    Esther Clarke
  • Reuben
    This was my first visit at Thai Serene Massage I'm a stuntman TV and film industry and need my body in top shape I'm very particular when it comes to massage! This place was amazing so friendly and professional I left feeling refreshed and ready for action I would highly recommend it. I will definitely go back when I'm in the area well done and thanks again x
  • Lee Hickman
    Had a wonderfully relaxing Thai massage in a very friendly, clean environment. Came out feeling refreshed and relaxed and would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
    Lee Hickman
  • Geraldine
    This was a most enjoyable relaxing massage. I was put at ease and would recommend Thai Serene Massage It is quality and very safe,
  • Tom
    It matches the best massage that I had in Thailand and I lived there for 10 years!
  • Ashrika Kohli
    The lady is really lovely, and modifies the pressure to your comfort level. Definitely going back.
    Ashrika Kohli
  • Anonymous
    The massage was good, the room clean and nice and the price very competitive. So overall very good.
  • Tom
    Morning, Yesterday I can honestly say was a most wonderful, healing, well-being, needed, fulfilling experience through a wonderful massage. I felt the toxins that my yoga hadn't shifted move. Namaste x


Most often than not, we are involved in activities, and repetitive strains that make us have musculoskeletal pains and inability to move the joints. In some cases, senescence comes as a result of stiffened joints that cannot be stretched, leaving the individual with this feeling of 'old' as they advance in age.

Health conditions ranging from a headache to cancer can call for a need to find relief, hence, the need for a body massage.

Different styles of massage therapy have been known to help put the body back to mobility, stress control and relief of pain, one of which is the Thai massage which involves the massage therapists using their body to move the clients to different body positions.

The traditional Thai massage comprises of

Price List

Classic Massages Duration Price
Deep Tissue Massage 30 min / 1 h / 1 h 30 min / 2 h £30 / £50 / £70 / £90
Swedish Massage 30 min / 1 h / 1 h 30 min / 2 h £30 / £50 / £70 / £90
Traditional Thai Massage 30 min / 1 h / 1 h 30 min / 2 h £30 / £50 / £70 / £90
Thai Combination Massage 30 min / 1 h / 1 h 30 min / 2 h £30 / £50 / £70 / £90
Aromatherapy Massage 30 min / 1 h / 1 h 30 min / 2 h £30 / £50 / £70 / £90
Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage 30 min / 1 h / 1 h 30 min / 2 h £30 / £50 / £70 / £90
Herbal Compress Massage 1 h 30 min £85
Reflexology & Lymphatic Massages Duration Price
Foot Reflexology Massage 30 min / 1 h / 1 h 30 min / 2 h £30 / £50 / £70 / £90
Packages Duration Price
Back, Neck & Shoulder with Foot Massage 1 h - 4 h £60 / £180
Deep Tissue with Foot Massage 1 h - 4 h £60 / £180
Swedish Massage with Foot Massage 1 h - 4 h £60 / £180


To avoid misunderstandings: we provide no erotic services!
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